What we value

This light tells a story.

By creating all kinds of designs in the surfaces of everyday material such as metals and plastics, we are creating original stories that are unique to each place where our products are used.

Utilizing the knowledge and technologies that we have developed over our history, we provide new value that is expressed in a wide range of diverse light.

Our Mission

Achieving unparalleled “surface beauty” with the highest level of technology

By freely drawing images on the surface of the material, it gives shine, movement, and depth. By combining the unique techniques we have cultivated with new ideas, we embody “surfaces” of ultimate beauty.

Our Vision

Filling the world with surprise and excitement with beautiful light

By pursuing and perfecting technology and quality, we bring surprise and excitement to our customers and people around the world. This is the unchanging desire of BIKO GIKEN, which continues to take on new challenges.

Our Core Values

  • One and Only

    Capture the essence and achieve unique originality

  • Challenge

    Refine our skills as a professional
    and take on new challenges

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Think and act from the customer's perspective
    and provide satisfaction beyond imagination

  • Gratitude

    Respect, appreciate connections
    and help each other

  • Growth Individually

    Accumulate experience and learning,
    change and evolve by each member of the company

  • Wholesome

    Prioritize and promote health and safety


Shogo Wada  |  President, BIKO GIKEN Co., Ltd.

Continuing to create and providenew value with world-leading technologiesthat produce patterns in light

Our mission is to highlight the innate quality of a material by utilizing the appeal generated through abrasive machining, and to draw out its potential beauty, in order to deliver surprise and excitement through the products that all of you use.

BIKO GIKEN was founded around a half-century ago by its first president Noboru Wada based on abrasive machining technologies that were specialized for improving product value, at exactly the time when the world began demanding that its products provide not only function but also design.

Since that time, we have utilized grinding tools that were produced by original manufacturing methods, designed from the particle stage to deliver more precise polishing and grinding, as well as the machining systems developed and repeatedly improved by our company, to make possible the production of designs which were previously impossible and to continually provide technologies that exceed the expectations of our customers.

As the third generation president, I took office in 2019. Customer requirements have become even more advanced and significantly diversified in recent years. At BIKO GIKEN, we will search for and pursue possibilities of all kinds and create new value together with all of our customers, and aim to fill the world with beautiful light.
All employees have joined together in working to turn a 50-year company into a 100-year company. I hope you will continue to lend us your support and encouragement.

There is no such thing as failure in life

Success is an extension of taking on small challenges and accumulating them. By experiencing the failure that occurred at that time, it will lead to the next success. This can only be learned through experience, and success through failure becomes stronger and deeper.

Always keep smiling no matter what.

A smile has the amazing power to brighten people's hearts and make them more positive. A person who can smile no matter what is can only do so if they have a really strong heart. It is important to make oneself and those around me feel positive. I will constantly update myself so that I can smile the most now in my life, not in the past.

Shogo Wada
President, BIKO GIKEN Co., Ltd.