Introducing the company profile and history of BIKO GIKEN.

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Company Profile

Address2-3-33 Nozasa-cho, Minokamo, Gifu 505-0023 JAPAN
Tel: +81 574 25 1246 Fax: +81 574 26 3751
FoundedJuly 5, 1973
Represented byCEO Shogo Wada
Capital10 million yen
BusinessDesign polishing processing
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Company History

1973Noboru Wada established BIKO GIKEN Co., Ltd.
The first generation Noboru Wada, who was originally a police officer, established BIKO GIKEN Ltd. in Minokamo City, Gifu Prefecture from its predecessor, Marui Industries. The processing factory operates in Nishi Ward, Nagoya City. The company started its business by focusing on spin processing, spin line processing, and hairline processing as nameplates for home appliances and decorative materials for tin cans.
1976Relocated factory to Minokamo City.
After the factory in Nishi Ward, Nagoya City was flooded in August, the factory was relocated to Minokamo City, Gifu Prefecture in December of the same year.
1983Introduced numerically-controled machine tools.
Immediately after the second generation, Yuji Wada, joined the company, an NC machine tool specialized for design polishing was introduced. By processing large plates and operating the machine using NC control, processing speed and design quality are dramatically improved. Obtained multiple patents related to design polishing. We expanded our sales channels to include mass production of truck’s Uroko Spin and building material panels, and began offering them in large plates.
1986Awarded at the Gifu Prefecture Invention Exhibition.
Received “the Invention Association Chairman’s Encouragement Award” at the Gifu Prefecture Invention Exhibition. Since then, we have exhibited multiple times and won many awards, including “the Chubu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry Chief’s Award”, “the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency Commissioner’s Encouragement Award”, and “the Branch Chairman’s Award.”
2003Yuji Wada was appointed as the second president.
The second generation, Yuji Wada, assumed the position of president and engaged in the development of processing machines with higher mass productivity and higher precision. We sell a large number of luxury car interior parts around the world, which require consistent pattern reproducibility. The number of jobs in a wide range of genres has increased, from game console parts to musical instruments and golf nameplates.
2008Changed company name to BIKO GIKEN Co., Ltd.
After changing the company name to BIKO GIKEN Co., Ltd., the current president and CEO, Shogo Wada, joined the company. In order to meet the need for a luxurious feel even with resin, we have started polishing designs not only on metal but also on resin materials.
2015Established a showroom.
By large-schele renovation, the office was relocated to the second floor of the factory and a showroom was set up for customer proposals. Introduced small laser marking and engraving machines, and automatic conveyance equipment for processing automation. Patent filed for “stereoscopic image processing method” that makes even flat surfaces appear three-dimensional depending on the way the light hits them.
2017Launched own brand “MIHIKARI”.
Launched own brand MIHIKARI. Aluminum “Duralumin Business Card Case” and stainless steel “Spin Art” are now on sale at Minokamo City’s Hometown Tax and EC site.
2019Shogo Wada was appointed as BIKO GIKEN Co., Ltd.
Shogo Wada is appointed as the third president. Selected as one of the “300 Flying Forward Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Small Businesses” by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Declared as a new vibrant workplace creation declaration (promotion of work style reform) workplace. With the introduction of a 5-axis modeling machine, it is now possible to polish designs on three-dimensional surfaces.
2021Installed wall art panels at the factory.
In conjunction with renovation on the aging block wall, wall panels with design polishing were installed on the outer wall of the company building. Proving that it is possible to draw a picture by design polishing.
2022Registered as “Minokamo SDGs Promotion Partner”
Registered as a “Minokamo SDGs Promotion Partner”. Joined the “Factory Scientist Association” in order to advance digitalization.